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Feb 16, 2023

GTA Online introduces a 50-Vehicle Multi-Floor Garage, New Robbery opportunities, and more

From Press Release:

It’s time to upsize and glamorize that glorious vehicle collection of yours. There’s a brand-new multi-floor garage located right on iconic Eclipse Boulevard in Los Santos that offers capacity for up to 50 vehicles and unique amenities across five spacious floors. Additionally, GTA+ Members can claim theirs for free through March 15.


Each floor features its own separate hangout space, complete with seating, drinks, TVs, and surveillance to keep an eye on the riffraff outside. Multiple distinct decoration styles can be previewed, changed, and applied to each individual floor from the Eclipse Blvd Garage section of the Interaction Menu while inside the garage.


This lavish new vehicular and social sanctuary is now available for purchase in GTA Online directly from Dynasty 8’s in-game website.


The New Toundra Panthere Sports Car: Available Through February 22

A French lightweight sports car might seem like the automotive equivalent of a slimline cigarette, but this elegant beauty still packs a killer punch. The Toundra Panthere (Sports) is available through February 22 from Legendary Motorsport and at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom.

Los Santos Drug Wars Escalation

As the Fooliganz’ potent psychedelics worm their way further into the city’s nervous system, lawbreakers grow bolder and more brash than ever. Street Dealers are desperate for new hookups, while lowly criminals are busy sticking up storefronts around the city and rival gangs are setting up Stash Houses that are ripe to get ripped off. And dead drops in the form of G’s Caches are being left in public areas. Capitalize on these new developments to turn them into money-making opportunities.


Rob New Daily Stash Houses

Be on the lookout for the new Daily Stash House popping up on your map — these safehouses contain hoarded GTA$ or product, but they’re also packed with enemies. A successful invasion requires you to kick down the door, clear out your foes, locate the combination for the safe, and crack it to walk away with someone else’s drugs or money.


New Dead Drops: Retrieve G’s Cache

The dead drop is a classic drug-dealing maneuver. In theory, a suspicious package left out in the open will attract less attention than peddlers meeting up to exchange illegal contraband.

G’s Cache is a new daily dead drop that will pop up on the map. Once close by, look for a red flashing light and the sound of beeping. Fight off any competition, and a lump sum of GTA$, ammunition, and snacks is yours for the taking.

And this week, get 50% extra bonus GTA$ and RP for successfully retrieving G’s Cache.


Supply New Street Dealers

Street Dealers are the lifeblood of the drug trade — hanging out on seedy corners, making hand-to-hand exchanges, changing locations daily, and paying premiums according to market supply. Make an extra 50% GTA$ this week by selling them Cocaine, Meth, Weed, and Acid if have the stock (you’ll need to own the Acid Lab or the corresponding drug-based MC Business).

TIP: Each Street Dealer has a drug of choice that they will offer a premium price for, so strike while the iron’s hot to maximize your profits.


Stopping Shop Robberies

Not even brick-and-mortar establishments are safe from the rising crime wave as desperate thieves are targeting stores around LS for an easy payday. Interrupt a Shop Robbery by chasing down the backpacked burglar and taking them out. From there, return the stolen cash or keep it for yourself — with 2X GTA$ and RP through February 22.


Rare New Rewards for Riding the Crime Wave

With the expansion of Los Santos Drug Wars, street crimes are reaching all-time highs. Over the course of the next two weeks, contributing to this bustling ecosystem of criminality will be rewarded with rare items, accessories, and collectibles:

  • Sell to a Street Dealer to receive the Camo Roses Slab Denim jacket.
  • Sell drugs on the street on three separate days to receive the Budonk-adonk! tattoo.
  • Sell drugs on the street on seven separate days to receive the Painted Tiger mask.
  • Successfully rob a Daily Stash House to receive the Camo Roses Slab Cap.
  • Exfiltrate from Daily Stash Houses for five days total to receive the Purple X-Ray Emissive mask.
  • Collect from a Daily Stash House on 10 different days to receive the Red SC Dragon Revere Collar shirt.
  • Collect G’s Cache once to receive the Camo Roses Slab Canvas shoes.
  • Collect G’s Cache 10 times to receive the Red SC Dragon Embroidered pants.

Complete these challenges before March 1 to qualify (clothing rewards will be delivered to your wardrobe by March 10).

Only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S


Premium Test Ride: Pegassi Weaponized Ignus

Critics said it couldn’t be done — shouldn’t be done, even — but Hao ignored their warnings and shoved a bunch of extra horsepower under the hood of the Pegassi Weaponized Ignus (Super). Time to prove the skeptics wrong once and for all. Visit Hao’s Special Works inside the LS Car Meet to get a closer look at this week’s Premium Test Vehicle and take it for a spin.

This Week’s HSW Time Trial

The scenery between North Chumash and Palomino Highlands is beautiful, but if you’re really gunning for a personal best in this week’s HSW Time Trial, it’ll be little more than a multicolored blur outside your window.


Get the Unholy Hellbringer and More from the Gun Van

This week, the Gun Van adds the futuristic Unholy Hellbringer to its roving arsenal. Track the Gun Van down to take advantage of markdowns on regular Ammu-Nation prices, including 10% discounts on Weapons, 15% off Throwables, and 20% off the cost of Body Armor.

GTA+ Membership boosts these markdowns, and gives you access to exclusive weapon tints like the Lucha Libre versions of the Baseball Bat and Knife. Peruse this week’s available selections below:

Unholy Hellbringer | Railgun | Combat PDW | Special Carbine | Service Carbine | Pistol .50 | Baseball Bat | Combat PDW | Knife | Molotovs | Tear Gas | Grenades


Biker Business Bonuses

Bikers and Motorcycle Clubs represent a seedier side of Southern San Andreas — a criminal enterprise that’s loud about its ill intent. This week, all Biker Businesses will produce Goods at double the usual rate, and Biker Business Resupply Missions will pay out double the Supplies to help meet demand head-on.

2X GTA$ and RP on Relay

Race around the streets of LS, trading driving duties with your teammate on a lap-by-lap basis and earning Double Rewards for playing Relay all week long.


Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

The Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom is one of the only places you can purchase the Toundra Panthere (Sports) through February 22. Make sure to pay Simeon Yetarian’s pride and joy a visit to get a closer look and peruse his other offerings, including the Dinka Kanjo SJ (Coupe, 30% off), Pegassi Toros (SUV), Vapid Hustler (Muscle), and Imponte Nightshade (Muscle, 30% off).


Luxury Autos Showroom

Park your current ride outside of Record A Studios, look both ways and cross the road to get a glimpse at the Maibatsu Penumbra FF (Sports) and Coil Raiden (Sports) behind the window display of the Luxury Autos Showroom. Stare longingly, compare stats, or buy them directly from the display.

Other Vehicle Offers Around Los Santos

Visit The Diamond Casino & Resort anytime this week to give the Lucky Wheel a spin — you might walk away with GTA$, RP, snacks, clothing, accessories, a mystery prize, or the Grotti Cheetah Classic (Sports Classic) slowly rotating on the nearby podium.

Drivers who win 5 LS Car Meet Series Races over the course of this week will earn the Invetero Coquette Classic (Sports Classic) as a Prize Ride. The Test Track inside the car meet will allow members to try the Annis Euros (Sports, 30% off), Vapid Dominator GTT (Muscle), and Übermacht Cypher (Sports) on for size, all at no personal cost.

GTA+ Members can claim the following rewards and bonuses through March 15:

  • The new 50-vehicle Eclipse Blvd Garage, with style choice
  • A free Emperor Vectre (Sports) from Legendary Motorsport. Plus, the Mambas 24 and Sword Boy liveries.
  • Lucha Libre tints for the Knife and Baseball Bat available from the Gun Van
  • 50% off Acid Lab Supplies, and more…

All of this, and more, for just $5.99 a month, including a bonus of GTA$500,000 delivered upon billing and deposited automatically into your Maze Bank account. For full details, visit the GTA+ website.


Join the criminal underworld by taking 35% off Biker Clubhouses, and their upgrades and modifications. To sweeten the deal, Biker Businesses and their upgrades are also 35% off to help bring your operation up to speed, through February 22. See below for this week’s vehicle discounts:

  • Imponte Nightshade (Muscle) – 30% off
  • Dinka Kanjo SJ (Coupe) – 30% off
  • Annis Euros (Sports) – 30% off
  • Benefactor Krieger (Super) – 30% off
  • Progen Emerus (Super) – 30% off
  • Dewbauchee Vagner (Super) – 30% off
  • Truffade Thrax (Super) – 30% off

Prime Gaming Benefits
GTA Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will receive a lump sum of GTA$125,000 for playing anytime this week.

GTA Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming before February 22 will receive the Twilight Painted Rabbit mask (eligible players will receive their award within 10 days of logging in).

All bonus GTA$ will be deposited into your Maze Bank account within 72 hours at the start of the next weekly event. To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Prime Gaming and sign up.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.