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Mar 10, 2023

Big Ambitions takes Manhattan with The Sims meets Two Point Hospital in a lofty management sim, out today in Early Access

From Press Release:

Cophenhagen, Denmark – 10 March, 2023. Sandbox business sim, Big Ambitions, is available now on Steam ($22.99, £19.32, €22.99). Hovgaard Games’ spiritual successor to the viral hit, Startup Company, invites players to build their business empire from the ground up.

Whether starting small with a cosy coffee shop, or aiming high with the ambition to control the entire city, every building in New York can be explored, bought, customised and turned into a business.

Offering incredible depth to players, from renovating your stores or personal apartments to managing your money and hiring staff, the key to success in Big Ambitions is managing your time, health and daily activities while still building your ever-growing empire.

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Key Features

  • Huge Business Sandbox – Go from nothing to the most prominent tycoon in New York. Whether one business or multiple, work smart and make them thrive.

  • Grow any Business – Start your own gift shop, supermarket, coffee shop, or law firm. Whether it’s a single shop or making millions developing websites from a basement.

  • Incredibly In-depth – Take out a loan, rent multiple buildings, design their logos, renovate your stores, grab stock, manage your money, hire staff, and create your infrastructure.

  • BigLife Sim on Steroids – Need a delivery truck? Travel to a dealer and buy one. Need food? Head to a supermarket, just make sure you have a refrigerator back at home.

  • Own New York City – Enter any building in New York and buy it. Go from a small apartment to a dream penthouse in midtown or buy a series of skyscrapers.

  • Fast Cars or Investment Funds – Spend your wealth however you wish. Buy a big SUV, a speedy sports car, or the new luxurious Mersaidi S500. Maybe even risk it all at the casinos.

  • Make it to Retirement, or don’t – Make sure you get enough sleep and stay healthy and happy. Enjoy the journey, for as you grow older, you’ll discover that money can’t buy you time… or can it?

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Big Ambitions is available now on Steam in Early Access. Those keen to learn more about its future plans can view its detailed roadmap here.