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Mar 31, 2023

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour now available on PC via Steam, Xbox, and Switch

From Press Release:

March 31st 2023 – Repixel8 & CGA Studios are excited to announce that Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is now available globally across Steam, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Announced late last year, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is a retro-inspired racer that has been updated for the modern age.

Players can drive, drift and draft their way across 18 unique tracks, including Japan, London and Paris. Multiple gameplay modes provide hours upon hours of replayability, with corners to master and endless lap times to overcome through the online leaderboards. This expanded sequel also adds new vehicle types to the mix, each with their own distinctive feel and handling properties.

Low-poly models and assets now look crisper than ever before thanks to 4K visuals and 60fps performance. Every aspect of the game has been designed with performance in mind, ensuring a consistent feel as players dive headfirst into corners at breakneck speeds. It’s retro gaming as players remember it, but with a modern twist.

Relive the glory days of sharing the settee with 4-player split-screen in Formula Retro Racing: World Tour’s multiplayer mode. Players can take the clean driving line, draft behind competitors or take the chaotic route and push friends into the wall  – just remember, the only place that matters is first.

For those looking to add an additional dimension to their racing experience, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is also fully playable in VR. Incredibly immersive, and not for the faint of heart, this mode allows players to experience the thrill of racing from the most authentic point of view, the cockpit.

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Andrew Jeffreys, Repixel8 Director said: “It’s been great working with CGA Studios on Formula Retro Racing: World Tour, with the aim to create the ultimate retro racing experience.  We’re super excited about the upcoming launch and getting the game into the hands of players, but we’re not stopping there.  We’ve got plenty more in the pipeline for content, gameplay, supported platforms and hardware.”

Jon Wetherall MD, CGA Studio Games Director  said: “We are super excited to work with Repixel8 to help Andrew realise his creative vision of the ultimate retro racer. It is exciting to create new tracks and experiences while staying in the classic racer style. We have enjoyed particularly squeezing every last drop of performance from the older consoles to get the 60fps gameplay we want from an arcade racer.”

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour is available now on Steam, Xbox One Xbox Series S | X and Nintendo Switch priced (£16.99GBP / $19.99).

The PlayStation launch has been slightly delayed to ensure the best possible experience for players on the PS4 and PS5. Formula Retro Racing: World Tour will be available from April 21st on PlayStation consoles.