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Mar 31, 2023

New details for Version 3.6 “A Parade of Providence” for Genshin Impact when it arrives April 12th

From Press Release:

 Today, we are glad to share the latest info about Genshin Impact Version 3.6, arriving on April 12. This update will launch the first-ever grand Akademiya celebration, introduce a new area of badland and oasis, and feature Baizhu and Kaveh as playable characters.

Highlights of Version 3.6 “A Parade of Providence”:

  • The Akademiya Extravaganza offering new stories and mini games to learn about the Sumeru Akademiya and its Six Great Schools
  • New area of badlands and oasis, and a new friend who lends you her ability to fly
  • Five-star Dendro Catalyst user Baizhu and four-star Dendro Claymore wielder Kaveh
  • Weekly boss “Dragon of Verdure,” boss enemy “Iniquitous Baptist,” and two types of Hilichurl Rogues
  • New Story Quests for Nahida and Baizhu, and a Hangout Quest for Layla