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Apr 03, 2023

You have the month of April to unlock and keep the FREE Drillbert Mode in Dome Keeper

From Press Release:

Dome Keeper, the roguelike mining game from Raw Fury and Bippinbits, just received an update introducing a brand-new mode to the game: Drillbert Mode!

In the new mode, players cannot upgrade any mining abilities, though they can unlock Drillberts to work for them as they go. The update also adds The Madrilla Cave, a new location which houses Madrilla, Mother of the Drillberts. Players will be able to win her favor and she will give them more Drillberts and the Drillbert Run Modifier.

The mode is available to unlock for the duration of April, and once it’s unlocked it’s free to keep forever! The game also received a new patch that adjusted run modifiers, balancing and other improvements. More info on the patch notes and Drillbert mode can be found on Steam.

Key Features

  • Engaging and Motivating: Easy-to-learn gameplay meets numerous ways to customize your play style. Unlock new domes, gadgets and game modes as you uncover the mysterious depths beneath your dome.
  • Meaningful Upgrades: A straightforward tech tree will challenge you with tough decisions that have a significant impact on your play style and success.
  • Deeper and Deeper: Between attack waves, dig deeper and deeper into cave systems, searching for valuable resources – but beware, the next wave is already approaching.
  • Dangerously Creative: The monsters in Dome Keeper will surprise you with clever tricks for how to stop your mining operation.

About Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper is a hybrid of roguelike miner and base defense with procedurally generated levels and unlockable upgrades. Defend your dome from wave after wave of monsters, dig beneath the surface in search of valuable resources and artifacts, and deploy them carefully to choose powerful upgrades and bonuses. Set on beautifully crafted pixel art alien planets, Dome Keeper offers a captivating atmosphere, music tracks fusing melodic and synthetic creations together with a sense of wonder meeting the jet age that makes you want to come back for more.