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Apr 04, 2023

Deep Rock Galactic kicks off The Great Egg Hunt Spring Seasonal Event today, ends on April 20th


From Press Release:

Coffee Stain Publishing’s cooperative dwarven mining shooter, Deep Rock Galactic, is resurrecting its popular Great Egg Hunt event. The spring event runs in-game from 4th April to 20th April 2023, bringing players plenty of time to enjoy the Easter festivities on Hoxxes IV.

This seasonal event introduces a special assignment, where two eggcellent hats wait at the end – and last year’s fashions can also be unlocked. Dwarves will also find themselves scrambling at the opportunity to track down a mechanical spring bunny, bringing one back in exchange for a Double Mission Performance Point Bonus. And finally, after a shell of a day down in the mines, players can unwind inside a freshly decked out space rig.

The Great Egg Hunt 2023 Key Information

  • Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?
    • Dwarves who put their nose to the grindstone in the special Egg Hunt Assignment will be rewarded for their efforts with a hefty reward from Management. But wait, there’s more! Two hats are available at the end of this assignment, and those who put in the overtime on Last Year’s Spring Fashion will also unlock both hats from last year’s spring event.
  • Hare today, gone tomorrow
    • As cluck would have it, a freight full of mechanical spring bunnies has unfortunately crashed into Hoxxes IV, launching these bunnies all over the place. Miners have been tasked with the job of locating them while on a mission, and in exchange for a successful retrieval, teams will be rewarded with Double Mission Performance Point Bonus.
  • I’m just hoppy to be here
    • Finally, the space rig has been appropriately outfitted for the Great Egg Hunt event, with plenty for dwarves to eggsplore. Order a beer at the abyss bar and take in what spring on Hoxxes IV looks like…
  • The full details on the spring event can be found in the Steam post here