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Apr 07, 2023

Major update to Early Access title Aquatico adds modes, revamps features, and improves gameplay for the underwater city builder

From Press Release:

OverSeer Games has been turning the tide in their underwater city builder Aquatico. Launched this February, the game will be inviting players to explore even more of the fathoms below with three different game modes, the new Atlantis Project game mode, the polar biome, as well as several gameplay and UI changes and revamped features.

Aquatico tasks players with constructing a city below the waves to build a new sustainable future for humanity. Featuring vertical layered construction, players are able to create impressive domes to provide a panoramic life for their society while keeping their production facilities on the seabed. Whether it’s being wary of the natural sea life or adapting to unknown ecosystems to avoid triggering unwanted conflicts, managing your population and expansion is key to survival in Aquatico.

When players take the plunge into the briny depths to start their underwater journey, they’ll now have three different game modes to opt for. Players will be able to choose from the original sandbox mode, the new story, or creative modes. In story mode, players will experience sandbox gameplay coupled with a series of objectives and quests that reveal the game’s background story.

The highly requested creative mode removes all restrictions, rules, and dangers while also keeping resources, researches, and the drone and citizen populations auto-replenished. In creative mode, players can let their imaginations go with the tides building the most beautiful cities they can imagine without fear of running out of resources or simply enjoy the oceanic atmosphere.


Players looking to explore Aquatico’s story in-depth can now start the Atlantis Project. Available after constructing the Expedition House and reaching access to the global map, the Atlantis Project will present players with new missions. Players will be able to select which missions they’d like to take on and will work through the Atlantis Project throughout their entire game, aiming to build a mega underwater hub.

Several other changes have made their way into Aquatico providing improved gameplay, a new biome, and more. Check out some of the new and improved features below.

  • New polar biome – the newest biome provides new visuals for all flora and fauna on the map. In addition, all handcrafted maps are more numerous.
  • New information panels on initial map selection – players can now more easily see what type of biome a map is when selecting at their game start. From deep to shallow, cold or warm, players will be able to see each biome’s details.
  • Individual citizens will now share their opinions or have random conversations once population increases. Players will get insight into how their citizens are feeling to help prevent problems (while some convos are just pure entertainment).
  • New smart tips system – once players have completed the game’s tutorial, smart tips will occasionally appear to offer additional instructions or suggestions based on the exact point players are in the game.
  • Scattered derelicts – players can now scavenge and dismantle the remnants of previous attempts to build an underwater base and obtain valuable resources.
  • More apocalyptical scenery – in certain areas, players will be able to see the ruins of what used to be surface cities.
  • Revamped disasters, attacks, and defenses – the stronger player’s bases become the more attention they’ll attract. Sharks, pirate raids, and even the Megalodon beast. To fend off these attacks, players will be able to construct several types of defensive structures.

OverSeer Games is thankful for all of the player feedback they’ve received so far and look forward to interacting with their players more to continue to improve Aquatico. Players can explore the briny depths and begin their underwater civilization in Aquatico on Steam or the Epic Games Store now.