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Apr 19, 2023

Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage third-person stealth, shooter, and puzzler is out today on Xbox

From Press Release:

19 04 2023 – Developed by one-man studio Kung Fu Takeaway, stealth, marksmanship and puzzle-solving game Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage is out today on XBOX!

Set in a visually striking, sepia-toned world, Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage puts you in the shoes of Agent 49, who’s been tasked with foiling the plans of the evil villain mastermind Zavaro. You’ll truly be living the spy lifestyle, but don’t get too comfortable or you might find yourself being fed to the sharks!

Armed only with a pair of binoculars and a pistol, Agent 49 will need to use his wits to navigate through seven uniquely styled levels that invoke the feel of the classic Mission: Impossible television series. You’ll find yourself escaping prisons, defusing time bombs, and winning the pants off your opponents in a constant game of cat and mouse.

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Trying to be stealthy, however, may prove challenging here! Developed with achievement hunters and spy novels fans in mind, Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage packs plenty of humor and replayability! The choice is yours: will you give it your best to find all the secrets in each level or take in the scenery as you enjoy the game’s light-hearted writing and spy-themed jokes?

Commenting on the release of his first XBOX game, Andik Morgenstern of Kung Fu Takeaway said “quote here”.

Secret Agent: Cold War Espionage is now available on XBOX at a price of $10.49. Put on your tuxedo, don your ball shoes, and get ready to relive the golden age of spy novels on the Xbox store here!

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