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Apr 27, 2023

Turn 10 Studios makes the most accessible Forza Motorsport yet with three new assist types

From Press Release:

Today via Xbox Wire and Xbox YouTube, Xbox Games Studios developer Turn 10 Studios shared how Forza Motorsport will be their most accessible game yet, with the introduction of innovative features such as Blind Driving Assists and one touch driving.

  • Blind Driving Assists: Blind and Low Vision players can use informational audio content during gameplay that will help them navigate tracks, improve their lap times, and complete races. Players will be able to enable each set of cues individually as well as adjust their pitch and volume to best suit their needs.
  • One Touch Driving: Players have the option to choose their own combination of enabling braking, steering, and throttle assists to reduce the number of simultaneous inputs required. These driving assists will allow users to customize their driving experience and play with as few or as many assists as they wish.
  • Screen Narrator: Players can enable narrator to receive information conveyed through the UI and to help navigate menus. In addition, there will be options for players to customize the narration system, offering new flexibility to choose what information is conveyed.

Forza Motorsport will also include features like dynamic audio description, UI colorblindness modes, controller remapping, text scaling and much more. For a full overview of all of the features, please check out Xbox Wire.

Forza Motorsport is coming this year to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S consoles, Windows PC and Steam, and Cloud Gaming (Beta).