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Jul 11, 2023

Jump King Quest, successor to the 2019 will be focused on ‘PvP and PvE combat’ – available for wishlisting on Steam


From Press Release:

Tuesday, July 11, 2023 – Jump King Quest is officially available to wishlist on steam. Swedish studio “Nexile” made a big splash in the streaming world with its release of “Jump King” in 2019. It quickly reached the status as a staple game for both players and content creators to prove their gaming prowess. Nexile is looking to continue that legacy with Jump King Quest, vastly expanded with a new focus on PvP and PvE combat.

Jump King Quest is a Multiplayer Platforming game that takes place in the world of “The Heights”, long after the events of the original game. Players will dynamically encounter each other and find potential allies and enemies on their adventure to the top. Combat is a major part of this title according to Nexile, which combined with the platforming mechanics of the original Jump King creates a multitude of challenges and dynamic situations. Players can look forward to playing online co-op with friends or venturing alone, depending on their taste, though it may be risky not having anyone covering your back…

“Jump King Quest is built around emergent gameplay with an “anything can happen” philosophy. Cooperation is possible but not mandatory as it will be up to the players and their choices who becomes friend or foe.” – Nexile

The release date of Jump King Quest is still to be determined, but the production team is picking up the pace after three years of pre-production and laying the technical ground-work of this ambitious title.

Jump King Quest is available to Wishlist on Steam.