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Jul 13, 2023

Cyberpunk boomer shooter Turbo Overkill slides into a full release on August 11th onto PC via Steam

From Press Release:

Turbo Overkill, the critically acclaimed, hyper-fast-paced cyberpunk boomer shooter from publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Trigger Happy Interactive, postpones the epic finale of Johnny’s harrowing journey to Friday August 11, 2023 so the lead developer can spend more time with his newborn baby. FAMILY FIRST!

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Scour the scum-littered streets of Paradise on a mission to wipe out relentless cybernetic super soldiers, and put a stop to the evil AI dead-set on destroying the world. Blaze a bloody trail of carnage as Johnny Turbo, and reach the climactic conclusion of the epic narrative with the debut of the second half of The Final Episode.

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Commandeer the half-man, half-machine dynamo through two dozen high-octane levels packed with hidden items and high intensity combat.

Blast brainwashed enemies to smithereens  with an over the top arsenal of high powered weapons like the Twin Magnums, Waster Shotgun, Micro Missiles and Chainsaw Legs (and arms!)

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Devastate foes in ultra fast-paced gibtastic combat, racking up gnarly kill combos for maximum points and achievements. Scour the neon-lit alleys for rare loot and exchange ill-gotten currency for souped up weapons.

Wreak havoc against bounty hunters across the world with online multiplayer, and put a custom spin on Paradise with full mod support.

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Turbo Overkill launches its 1.0 build on Steam for PC August 11.

Prepare to clean up Paradise by following @turbo_overkill and @Apogee_Ent on Twitter, subscribe to the Apogee YouTube channel, and join the official Trigger Happy and Apogee Discord servers.

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