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Jul 19, 2023

Float on, Cleanup DLC for Heavenly Bodies arrives July 26th on PC and PlayStation

From Press Release:

Heavenly Bodies is getting DLC, Cleanupon 26th July for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5! The base game and the DLC are priced at $25 USD; the DLC on its own is priced at $7.99 USD.

About the Cleanup DLC

Set in and around a vast new space station across 7 days, in the Cleanup DLC you will deal with the aftermath of the catastrophic events that took place in the base game. Equipped with various new tools and devices, you must repair your debris-damaged station and dispose of hazardous scrap while finding out what went wrong in the previous mission.

The DLC’s new features include: a brand new, expansive semi-open level split across 7 days; a new Piloted Manoeuvring Unit (PMU) Vehicle; new tools and gadgets including magnetic attractors, drills and more; and new challenging gameplay mechanic.

The base game and the DLC are priced at $25 USD; the DLC on its own is priced at $7.99 USD.

About the Game

In Heavenly Bodies, players step into the boots of a 1970’s cosmonaut. Using the left and right analogue sticks to control their arms and legs, they must push and pull their way through a weightless world and solve an ever-evolving set of physics-based puzzles.

With one sharp mind, two good arms, and a few helpful diagrams from mission control, they’ll need to pull off extraordinary feats of engineering from space telescope assembly to delicate cosmic botany. All that, with an endless void on every side and nothing to hold them down. How hard can it be?


  • A collection of puzzling stellar scenarios inspired by the work of real-life space explorers.
  • Take on the challenge solo in single player mode or team up with friends via local co-op.
  • Control each limb of a weightless cosmonaut to perform difficult and delicate maneuvers.
  • Manipulate state-of-the-art space vehicles and elaborate machinery.
  • Stylised 70s visual aesthetic influenced by archival space photography and technical illustration.
  • Full DualSense controller support makes interacting with every different material feel unique (PS5 exclusive feature).

On PlayStation: