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Jul 28, 2023

Update 5.2 for Battlefield 2042 brings the long-awaited rework of “Hourglass” map, attachment use in All-Out Warfare mode, Squad Orders, and more

bf2042 hourglassrework

From Press Release:

Today, the Battlefield 2042 team announced that Update 5.2 will be available to download next week on all platforms, bringing with it the final launch map rework and a wide range of balance changes, fixes and other areas of improvement.

A quick synopsis of the changes incoming include:

  • Map Rework: Hourglass The final Battlefield 2042 map rework has arrived, capping off the development team’s commitment to improving line of sight, traversal and combat encounters in each map. Hourglass now has a reduced size to keep combat focused, more opportunities to defend through added cover along the primary routes and more!

  • Vault Weapons – SMGs and LMGs are receiving All-Out Warfare Attachments, joining the other weapon types to receive this treatment.

  • Squad Management Through Squad Orders leaders can now issue attack or defend orders towards objectives. Squads can collaborate and earn additional XP (Squad Order Bonus) for successfully completing the orders.

  • Ammo Crate improvements – Ammo crates now have a shared cooldown between other deployed ammo crates, have a greatly reduced recharge and supply time, and give an extra magazine to both primary and secondary weapons.

  • Dispersion tweaks to SMGs and LMGs – Similar to recent dispersion changes made to Assault Rifles, SMGs and LMGs have now also received tweaks to their dispersion rates, alongside general dispersion improvements across weaponry.

For a full breakdown of everything included in Update 5.2, check out the latest Update Notes on the Battlefield blog here.

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