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Aug 02, 2023

An Ankou, an action roguelike announced from Foretales developers – coming to Early Access on August 17th

From Press Release:

Nantes, France – Foretales creators, Alkemi Games, have today announced their fast-paced action roguelike,  An Ankou, will release into Steam Early Access on August 17th ($4.99/€4.99). Players will soon be able to become a servant of death as they explore, craft and guide spirits to their final rest.

Revealing its public roadmap for the coming year, An Ankou is set to deliver an additional class in the Apothecary by August, “Korrigan’s gold” to allow players to loot currency from enemies in September, alongside a third additional class called The Nun towards the autumn. By the end of 2023 there’ll be fresh weaponry, challenging creatures to face and all new encounters to battle through. Guided by feedback from its playerbase, Alkemi Games are set to deliver bi-weekly updates on their path to 1.0.

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Set in an alternative 19th century Brittany, An Ankou sees players assume the role of “The Ankou”, a servant of death and the last dead of the year. Reborn as one of the first three playable classes (Soldier, Apothecary or Nun), players will re-enter the world to reincarnate spirits and guide them to their final rest.

As they do, they will face hordes of demons flooding the lands of the living and embark on a perilous journey. Players will be able to explore haunted lands, gather resources, craft equipment, level up and fight back against powerful enemy forces. If the Ankou fails in their task, they’ll be reborn to try again.

With eerie open maps filled with random encounters and challenging bosses, An Ankou offers pin-point combat and instant replayability, all wrapped in a striking artstyle.

Players interested in learning more can follow the game on TwitterFacebook or join the official Discord server. An Ankou will enter Early Access on August 17th, 2023.