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Aug 04, 2023

Smokin’ Hot v0.9 Update adds new weapons, enemies, and faces in multiplayer survival game SCUM

From Press Release:

Cambridge, UK, 4 August 2023. Jagex and Gamepires have launched the Smokin’ Hot update for multiplayer survival game, SCUM, today. This update coincides with a 60% off sale on Steam and brings with it a complete overhaul of SCUM’s male character models, alongside dangerous new enemies, a brand-new weapon type, and some significant changes to the game’s skills and attributes.

Following the improvements to female characters in last year’s Call of Beauty update, Smokin’ Hot introduces reworked male character models into SCUM, alongside plenty of new customisation options.

It’s not just the fellas that are getting a glow-up though. There are two monstrous enemies that can now be found in the bunkers – the hulking Brenner, equipped with a scorching flamethrower; and the nimble Razor, who’ll close in on players and cut them down with knife-like limbs.

Alongside the addition of Brenner and Razor, bunkers have been overhauled to allow players to increase their Intelligence attribute for the first time. New puzzle mechanics found within the bunkers allow players to gather important data, which can then be traded in for an Intelligence increase at the Doctor. The Intelligence attribute is more important than ever, too, now influencing the experience (XP) gain on all player skills.

Smokin’ Hot also introduces some important improvements to SCUM, including an XP rebalance which will make it easier and more worthwhile for players to level up any of their skills. And for those prisoners more interested in brawns than brains, the update adds the Light Machine Gun (LMG), a brand-new class of weapon for players to get their hands on.

SCUM is a multiplayer open world survival game that offers unprecedented levels of character customisation, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival. Players are put into the role of a prisoner forced to fight for their life in a bloodthirsty TV show, earning the support of viewers, producers, and corporate sponsors along the way.

SCUM is available to play now in Early Access on Steam, with discounts on the base game and all DLC running from 3 -10 August.

  • SCUM Base Game: 60% off – $16.00 / €15.60 / £13.40
  • SCUM Supporter Pack: 50% off – $5.00 / €4.88 / £4.25
  • SCUM Supporter Pack 2: 50% off – $5.00 / €4.88 / £4.25
  • Danny Trejo Character Pack: 50% off – $7.50 / €7.40 / £6.40
  • Luis Moncada Character Pack: 25% off – $11.24 / €11.09 / £9.59
  • SCUM Female Hair Pack: 25% off – $3.74 / €3.74 / £3.22

More information about SCUM can be found on the website, or on social media on FacebookTwitterInstagram or join the Discord.