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Aug 08, 2023

ASKA, the open-world Viking survival builder begins Closed Beta on August 11th

From Press Release:

Bucharest, Romania – August 8th, 2023 – Sand Sailor Studio are pleased to announce that a Closed Beta for their Viking themed open-world survival tribe builder, ASKA, will begin on August 11th. The developers are inviting the players and community to provide invaluable feedback which will help with fleshing out the game and experience. Sign-up now on the ASKA Discord server for your chance to participate in the beta where you can experience ASKA’s deep survival mechanics, build your village, organise your villagers, battle undead enemies and discover the game with up to three other players  in online co-op.

ASKA places you in the role of a tribal leader landing your ship in a mystical ever-changing new realm. You must survive, build, craft, fight, farm, and prepare for the Dead Winter as you seek to create a self-sustaining viking society. This Closed Beta will give you a taste of how this will play out in the game’s full release, allowing you to try everything from assigning jobs to your AI villagers, to engaging in skillful stamina-based third-person combat.

In the ASKA beta, you will have access to the complete Tier 1 and Tier 2 Technology Trees to construct your village, craft a variety of tools and weapons, tame wolves to turn them into companion dogs, explore enemy-infested ruins, experiment with automating your village’s industries and much more.

Players can get their first taste of what ASKA has to offer in the game’s multiplayer Closed Beta, starting on August 11th, with sign ups open now! To be the first to know more about ASKA and to sign up for the Closed Beta please join the Discord server.

In the full game, expanding your tribe will eventually lead to you being able to sail your own customisable viking ship and discover new lands in this fantastical procedurally generated world. Build outposts across these new lands and set up supply lines between settlements to transform your viking society from a village into an empire. Building a strong and stable society will give you a better chance of survival when Dead Winter hits and your tribe faces not only the harshest of elements, but the dark inhabitants of this world that have been lying in wait.

“From the outset, our goal has been to work closely with players to help us shape ASKA into the best game it can be,” said Cristian Diaconescu, Co-Founder of Sand Sailor Studio. “This Closed Beta is the next step in that journey. I’d encourage anyone to get involved by signing up to the ASKA Discord and letting us hear your ideas and feedback!”

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About Sand Sailor Studio
Sand Sailor Studio is a Bucharest-based independent game development company founded in 2014. Their adventure began with Black The Fall, an atmospheric puzzler inspired by Romania’s communist history, published by Square Enix in 2017. The studio followed this with hectic multiplayer boss battler Bossgard in 2020 and is now hard at work on their viking survival tribe builder ASKA.

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