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Aug 16, 2023

Roboquest, the robot FPS roguelite will release in full this Autumn onto PC and Xbox

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Aug. 16, 2023 – Publisher Starbreeze Entertainment and Developer RyseUp Studios announced today that their popular robot FPS roguelite Roboquest will officially launch later this year (Autumn 2023) on the Xbox and PC platforms! The launch version will release with a massive amount of new content including new levels, enemy types, weapons, perks, and more! PC gamers looking to experience Roboquest’s fast-paced mechanized FPS combat ahead of its Autumn launch can purchase the early access version now on Steam or Xbox for $19.99.

Roboquest is a lightning-fast FPS with roguelite mechanics, playable in single-player or two-player co-op. Players set out as robotic Guardians armed and ready to blaze their way through randomly generated biomes, picking up upgrades along the way and blasting every big bad boss that they encounter! Players will upgrade their basecamps and unlock persistent new perks and weapons to create insanely powerful playstyles and dive further onto the chaos with each subsequent run!

Originally released as an Early Access title on Steam in August 2020, Roboquest has remained a highly reviewed title known for its fluid fast-paced movement and gunplay, vast customization options, and challenging roguelite gameplay. Recently Publisher Starbreeze Entertainment signed with Developer RyseUp Studios to develop Roboquest’s most definitive version yet and continue the game’s journey beyond 1.0!

The Roboquest launch version will include:

  • New levels to explore – The final level and 5 alternative levels will be added for players to explore and battle through.
  • News quests & secrets to discover – Help friendly bots and earn rewards, multiple quests, discover secret locations while exploring the scorched future world!
  • New dynamic weapons – Four new weapons for players to unlock and master as they blast their way through hordes of sinister robots!
  • More enemies on the hunt – More than 15 new enemies and a final boss will be added to the scorched landscape programmed to search and destroy all guardians!
  • New class – The addition of a new class to be revealed at release!
  • New and reworked perks – A combination of new and reworked perks will be added to the launch version introducing new levels of stylish playstyle combos and customization for players to tinker with.
  • Cinematics & Sounds – Updated comic style rendering, final cinematic, translated dialogues, andambient sound added to improve the immersive chaos of the futureworld!
  • New Lore Data-logs – All data-logs will give information about the lore and story of Roboquest in the form of small texts to read and find in the world while exploring.
  • Collect Achievements & Compendium Intel – Unlock information about the world of Roboquest and collect cards about enemies and weapons!

More information on upcoming developer updates can be found here:

For more information, please visit the Roboquest website or follow us on DiscordXInstagram, and Tiktok.