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Aug 29, 2023

Simultaneous turn-based game Arco announced, not releasing until 2024 onto PC

From Press Release:

PORTLAND, AUGUST 29, 2023 –  Arriving from a journey through peaceful fields and treacherous mountain sides, Panic and the international team behind the newly revealed turn-based action game Arco are excited to finally show the world what they have been working on during today’s Panic Games Showcase. Arco‘s development is fueled by a talented global team: Polish pixel artist Franek Nowotniak, Australian game developer Max Cahill, Spanish composer and sound designer José Ramón “Bibiki” García, and Mexican industry veteran Antonio “Fáyer” Uribe.

Set in a world inspired by magical realism, made real through detailed pixel art and captivating music, Arco is a turn-based action RPG that follows four different characters on a quest for revenge, as their lives are shaken by a rapidly growing corporate mafia. As you journey through diverse communities and the untamed wilderness, you will inevitably be drawn into tense combat encounters. Plan, observe, and react to survive the onslaught of hostile forces and wildlife.

“Making the little guy run on the screen was a dream come true,”  says Franek, Game Lead on Arco.

Arco also joins the roster of video games being published by Panic that were showcased today as part of the Panic Games Showcase.

Arco is set to release in 2024 on PC.