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Oct 03, 2023

Real-time infiltration with turn-based combat in The Lamplighters League is available now for PC, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM and SEATTLE – October 3, 2023 – Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes today released The Lamplighters League and the Tower at the End of the World, the globetrotting tactical turn-based strategy game, for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Players can purchase the base game for a suggested retail price of $49.99 / £41.99 / €49.99, or purchase the Deluxe Edition, which includes an exclusive recruitable Agent, on SteamEpicXbox, and the Microsoft Store. The game is also available today via Xbox Game Pass.

Harebrained Schemes, creators of the Shadowrun trilogy and BATTLETECH, bring The Lamplighters League to life as an original pulp adventure set in an alternate 1930s. Players build their Agent rosters from a rag-tag team of misfits, ranging from bank-robbing gunfighters to mind-controlling assassins, to thwart the plans of world domination by the Banished Court. Players take on high-stakes Missions, committing up to four Agents to unlock rewards and progress the story. Between Missions, Agents can go on Expeditions to gain Intel, locate new allies, and secure leads on campaign-critical heists, affecting how players strategize around each scenario they face.

The Banished Court comes prepared with more resources, personnel, and weapons than the player’s group of criminals and outcasts. The difficulty level dynamically adapts in response to players’ actions, adding more foes and increasing combatant health to challenge daring Agents. The Lamplighters League’s captivating soundtrack, Composed by the award-winning Jon Everist, amplifies the retro atmosphere, reacts to gameplay, and enhances the thrill of each mission. Those with the best strategy earn high-value rewards, expanding their strategic options and ultimately changing their Agent’s fate.

The Lamplighters League is a special game for Harebrained Schemes,” said Chris Rogers, Game Director at Harebrained Schemes. “Thanks to the talents of a great team, we’re bringing an original game world to life. Adventuring in our alternate 1930s feels comfortable, accessible, and fresh, and we’ve done our best to use the lessons we learned creating the Shadowrun trilogy and BATTLETECH to bring you a fun, engaging, and rewarding tactical experience. Each of the scoundrels in The Lamplighters League has a unique approach to combat, and players will get hours and hours of fun replaying the game using them in different combinations.”

The Lamplighters League Key Features:

  • Recruit the Best of the Worst: Scour the globe to recruit outlaws and outcasts before the Banished Court catches them first. Learn their stories and the world they inhabit by taking them on tactical missions.
  • Play Dirty: Each of your Agents brings a signature style to the fight through unique moves that can turn the tide of combat. Sneak past enemies in real-time infiltration gameplay, pick off stragglers quietly, or strategically position your squad to get the upper hand. Every mission earns the team resources and advances each character’s unique abilities.
  • Leave No Stone Unturned: Explore a variety of thrilling locales, from dockyards and deserts to jungles, both urban and wild. With dynamic maps, no two missions unfold the same. Analyze the battlefield to see what enemies, items, and cover are in the area to plan your attack.

For more information about The Lamplighters League, check out the official websiteYouTube channel, and community Discord.