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Oct 06, 2023

Point-and-click comedy adventure Freaky Trip is available now for Switch and PC via Steam

From Press Release:

Freaky Trip is a point-and-click adventure full of puzzles and wacky humor in a fantastic, fairytale world. Here everything looks like it was pulled out of a child’s unlimited imagination, and the rules of the world that apply here are…  actually there are none.

Players control Salcy – a square, purple creature who discovers that his hen has gone missing. And it’s not just any hen, it’s his best friend – the cockapoo. So it’s a serious matter… With that, players set out on a chaotic rescue mission, as the birdy friend is definitely alone somewhere and the world tends to be a dangerous place.

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Freaky Trip contains 14 completely wild, diverse locations to overcome and on each of them, players will be accompanied by an equally crazy, dynamic musical setting. At a later date, players will get four DLC with puzzles and artworks.

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Freaky Trip is available now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

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