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Oct 09, 2023

Bullet heaven roguelike FatalZone comes to Early Access on October 23rd, try the demo today

From Press Release:

FatalZone is a bullet heaven zombie apocalypse shooter where you’ll have to clear a path to survival through hordes of zombies. Risk your characters for the resources you need to upgrade your base. Hone your skills and develop a deadly build you can use against the undead. Adapt and survive! Just remember that no one lives forever — your characters are mortal!
In this game, you have to do whatever it takes to survive and become stronger. There are plenty of tactics you could use!

FatalZone features:

  • 7 character classes. Mercs come in all shapes and forms. Some can revive during raids, while others are significantly more resilient to the toxic elements. On top of that, there are class-specific weapons, armor, and skills, as well as skill trees for all the mercs that let you make unique builds for them.
  • 3 dangerous locations to run raids in. You can send your mercs to get the resources they need to upgrade their base out in a forest, on a scorched wasteland, or an enormous parking lot. And don’t worry about running around the same old haunts all the time—procedurally generated maps will make every supply run feel new and exciting.
  • 6 difficulty settings. The enemies get stronger by the minute during a raid, but if you feel ready for the zombie hell to really break loose, just up the difficulty for your chosen location!
  • 50 in-game achievements. When you’re challenging fate itself, don’t forget that your end goal is survival. Complete missions and earn achievements to unlock new characters, skills, and many other rewards.
  • 51 skills to power-up your character with. Battle experience increases a merc’s rank, which lets them unlock new skills at the gym on their base. Want to turn your merc into a berserker with enhanced regeneration? Or maybe a crazy biotechnologist that deals increased damage to enemies? You absolutely can! Mix and match those skills however you feel like.
  • 6 base camp buildings, each with its own features and 10 upgrade levels.
  • Battle is not the only way to toughen your merc up. You can also do that at your base, where every building performs a unique function. Recruit mercs at the recruitment center and patch injured soldiers up in the infirmary. If you want to upgrade your armor, stop by the workshop. If you need more skills, head to the gym. Upgrading your HQ allows you to enhance all the other buildings at your base, recruit new unique mercs, and get your veterans ready for upcoming raids.
  • A wide array of mutations that change character stats randomly. Zombie bites have consequences—your character can contract the virus during a raid, and getting infected affects their physiology. The higher your viral load, the higher the chance of a mutation that can have either positive or negative effects. It’s up to you whether you want to treat the mutation or use it for your own benefit. The right set of special mutations can help you create the perfect build!
You’ll get all this and much more in FatalZone on October 23rd. Get ready to fight for your life!
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