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Oct 10, 2023

Watch this gameplay overview of My Time at Sandrock ahead of its November 2nd release

From Press Release:

PARIS – Oct. 10, 2023 – Today, Focus Entertainment and Pathea Games released a new trailer for My Time at Sandrock, the much-anticipated follow-up to the award-winning, player-acclaimed sandbox simulation RPG My Time at Portia. Currently available on PC via Steam Early Access and the Epic Games Store, it will launch its v1.0 on November 2. As the date approaches, the new Gameplay Overview Trailer shows a complete look at the fun, adventures, progression and beautiful connections you can make in this wholesome sandbox RPG.

Welcome to Sandrock
Meet the passionate community who keeps Sandrock alive and kicking. These friendly and welcoming folks lead an increasingly challenging life in the desert, with resources becoming scarce and threats from the outside growing more determined. Join them as a builder and take on a crucial role to revive the town. It’s the start of a wonderful adventure filled with exploration, uncovered mysteries, crafting, dangers and heartwarming relationships.

Build, craft, customize
Customize your character, get your workshop up and running, and start upgrading. But you’re no average Builder, you’re an adventurer! Sandrock is the place for you, with a vast open world to explore, brimming with secrets, resources, and an expansive narrative waiting to be discovered. Your trips will be key to unlocking and upgrading your tools, skills and abilities to grow into one of Sandrock’s most valued builders.

Explore, fight, loot
Your exploration won’t be free of danger, however. Treacherous monsters are lurking to strip you of your resources. Luckily, you are not defenseless and will become quite the fighter as you train to master a wide range of weapons.

Meet, befriend, love
Your craft and adventures call for some relaxation time, which you’ll find in Sandrock: shopping for new outfits, petting adorable animals and indulging in exciting mini-games. Chat with charming folks, find the perfect gifts to impress them, complete quests for them to form special bonds. You might even find love along the way, as Sandrock is a place where friendships can blossom into something more…

Multiplayer is on the way
Thanks to the online multiplayer mode, collaborate with up to three friends to unleash your builder’s creativity, fight monsters, or just chill! Whatever playstyle, the little moments are always more fun with a friend.

My Time at Sandrock is currently available on Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store. The v1.0 releases November 2nd on Bilibili, WeGame, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Stay tuned for PlayStation 4 release news from My Time at Sandrock social media. Sign up as a Focus member to get exclusive news and upcoming special offers for My Time at Sandrock and the whole Focus catalog.