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Oct 11, 2023

Knuckle Sandwich, the oddball RPG is releasing on November 23rd after six years since its successful Kickstarter funding

From Press Release:

Knuckle Sandwich, a personal oddball RPG by Andy Brophy, has finally announced its much-anticipated release date. After 6 years of development and a successful Kickstarter in 2018, the game will be coming onto Steam on the purposely cool release date of 23.11.23

About the game:

Guide a young man through his first day in Bright City, a bustling island paradise with a horrible secret. Find a new job, make new friends, and attempt to solve a mystery revolving around a ludicrous gang and a fanatical cult.

In this RPG, you defeat enemies in turn-based battles by completing minigames unique to the foe you’re facing. These minigames are made up of various challenges, including rhythm games, shoot-em-ups, memory puzzles, and quick-time events.


  • An offbeat and personal story with a focus on humour.

  • Over 100 fast-paced minigames specific to each enemy and playable character.

  • Vibrant city locations to explore on a fictional Australian island.

  • A massive cast of characters, including several partners to join you along the way.

  • A huge soundtrack with music by Nelward, Beardy, Gyms, Barchboi, and Brainfoam.

About Andy Brophy

Andy is a videogame designer from Melbourne, Australia. He has been making independent games since 2005 and is best known for games like Takashiwa since Dead! and Cowboy Killa. Andy is currently working on his very personal RPG opus magnum Knuckle Sandwich, which will be released on 23rd November.