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Oct 13, 2023

The Front, the survival open-world crafting shooter is out now in Early Access on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store

From Press Release:

Singapore (October 13, 2023) – Samar Studio’s survival open-world crafting shooter The Front is now available in Early Access on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store!

In The Front, players assume the role of a resistance fighter sent back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire. The game incorporates exploration, survival, resource collection, sandbox construction, tower defense, logical electrical and water systems, farming, vehicles, and other elements, creating an entirely new and immersive gameplay experience.

Official and Custom Servers

Official PvP and PvE servers are now live in Europe, North America, and Asia. Samar Studio will wipe data on official PvP servers every 45 days.

The Front supports single-player and multiplayer online modes. The game features an easy-to-use in-game and external parameter configuration tool, allowing players to set up custom servers on their own PCs. They may also rent servers from select providers. The Front’s custom servers give players the power to dictate their own server’s name, type, and individual parameters, allowing them to play alone or with friends.

Development Plans Involve Mod Support and New Gameplay Features

Samar Studio has a three-stage development plan for The Front’s first year, which includes new gameplay features, functions, structures, vehicles, gear, NPCs, and more. Additionally, The Front will receive Steam Workshop support, modding tool support, a new battlefield mode, new maps, and mobile bases in the future.

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Steam Community Market & Content Creator Events

Upon Early Access release, The Front will debut item crates that players will receive by spending a certain amount of time in the game. After opening these crates from the game’s main menu, they will receive item skins that will appear in their Steam inventory and can be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market.

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From October 11 to November 11, 2023, verified content creation collaborators on YouTube and TikTok can participate in an event to earn Steam gift cards after reaching specific benchmarks. After the event, the content creators who receive the most likes on The Front’s official Discord server will earn additional prizes. Discord members who react to posted content are also eligible to receive Steam gift cards.

Features and Gameplay

  • Build your own shelter in a post-apocalyptic world — Unrestricted by terrain and unbound by ideas, there are hundreds of building components available to satisfy your imagination
  • Unique tower defense gameplay — Control the enemy’s routes and arrange traps and defensive turrets that can sense and auto-attack incoming enemy hordes, including wild monsters, bomb maniacs, stealthy assassins, flying soldiers, and more
  • Build your own modern vehicles — Build and drive more than 20 types of vehicles, such as pickup trucks, logging trucks, mining trucks, self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, and helicopter gunships
  • Logical circuits — Use simple electrical parts to create complex mechanisms to accomplish various objectives, such as an active defense system that automatically detects and attacks any incoming threats near your base
  • Recruit Helpful NPCs — Use Jammers to capture NPCs that assist the player in combat. In addition, each NPC has unique talents that can aid the player with crafting, such as buffing time, output, and durability
  • Farming and Cooking — Craft farming equipment to develop your own agriculture through automatic irrigation and crop-growing, and provide dozens of recipes to cook delicious food
  • Explore the post-apocalyptic biomes — Cross the desert, rainforest, snow, and swamp; explore unknown areas such as underground institutes and military exclusion zones; collect drawings and grab airdrops

The Front is available now in Early Access on PC via Steam and Epic. Additional game information is available at

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About Samar Studio

Samar Studio is a young and dynamic team from around the world with experience in developing shooting and survival games. They are dedicated to delivering innovative and captivating virtual experiences and are passionate about creating a unique shooting game product that utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance the user experience. As avid shooting game enthusiasts, they aim to provide games that cater to all platforms. The Front is their debut product.