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Oct 16, 2023

Wizard With A Gun jumps the gun, releases one day early on PC to avoid Diablo IV’s Steam release

From Press Release:

Wizard With a Gun, Galvanic Games and Devolver Digital’s upcoming magic-infused co-op sandbox survival game, was originally scheduled for release on PC tomorrow, Oct. 17.

But then another game about mowing down hordes of monsters with magic in a dark fantasy world—something called Diablo IV, which we’ve never heard of, but apparently a lot of people love—decided it was going to release on Steam on the same day.

So we’re releasing the PC version of Wizard With a Gun TODAY, a day early. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions will still be launching on Oct. 17 (sorry), but if you’re a PC player, you’ll be able to lock and load sooner than planned for the magically low price of $24.99:

Set in a fractured post-apocalyptic world known as the Shatter, Wizard With a Gun sees you (and a friend if you don’t want to face the horrors alone) crafting an arsenal of magical guns ‘n’ ammo to drive back the forces of Chaos and restore this realm to its former glory.

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