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Oct 24, 2023

Playdate trailer recaps the Catalog of Games for October 2023

From Press Release:

PORTLAND, OCTOBER 24, 2023 – Dunking apples into caramel and sprinkling them with crushed peanuts, Panic is happy to share the latest group of games arriving later today to Catalog – their curated on-device and web-based games store for Playdate – as well as recap the games that came to Catalog earlier in October.

Some highlights of this month include the fishing game Reel-Istic Fishing, that’s right Playdate has a fishing game now, and city builder Glagstone.

Out Today:

  • 🏙️ Glagstone  A pocket sized city manager where you manage a mysterious island.
  • 🗡️ Quest for X – A retro, 80s computer-style adventure game.
  • ✏️ Sketch, Share, Solve – A fully-featured nonogram puzzle game for Playdate.
  • 🌌HANA: Spacetime Fantasy  A 1-bit adventure where you explore a post-apocalyptic Earth.
  • 🐞 Lillybug –  A fast-paced, arcade-style score chasing game with bugs.

Released on October 10, 2023:

  • 🐟 Reel-Istic Fishing   A silly and cute fishing game for Playdate!
  • 🚀 Tau – A pseudo-3D, arcade tube shooter.
  • 🚅 Platform 10   A unique math puzzle game based on the Sydney rail network.
  • 🎈 Blocky Balloons – A sokoban-style puzzle game where the goal is to collect balloons.
  • 🏃 You’re Going to Miss the Bus! – An endless runner where you play as a kid who has to catch the bus!

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Learn more about these games at or on-device via Catalog.