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Nov 03, 2023

Radiant Silvergun, the classic 1997 shmup is now available on Steam

From Press Release:

TOKYO, Nov. 3, 2023 / Live Wire Inc. – Live Wire is a game studio made up of members from Japanese game development  companies such as Neverland Co., Ltd., TREASURE Co., Ltd., CAVE Interactive Co.,  Ltd.,. They have created original games such as “ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the  Knights” and “HARVESTELLA”. They are also known for porting CAVE’s shooting games  “Mushihimesama,” “Espgaluda II,” and “DoDonPachi Resurrection”.

“Radiant Silvergun” has gained popularity for its unique game system, which allows  players to strategize their way through eight weapons. Also IGN and GameSpot are  calling it “one of the very best 2D shooters ever made” “This game is an absolute  must-buy. Never has a shooter combined relentless, thoughtfully-designed action with  such stunning graphics and sound.” and both gave it a rating of 9/10.

They have added additional features to its game for you to enjoy on PC. We want you  to actually experience it. 

  • New functions: “CLASSIC MODE” and “MODERN MODE”
    • “CLASSIC MODE” is implemented to play with the aspect ratio of the Arcade and Sega  Saturn versions. Please set the drawing ratio mode to “CLASSIC MODE” and the HUD  type to “OLD”. You can enjoy the game on a screen that looks exactly like the Arcade and Sega Saturn versions. For those who are used to playing the Nintendo Switch  version or Xbox Live Arcade version, there is a “MODERN MODE”. Choose the mode  you prefer.
  • Compatible with keyboard operations
      • It is fully compatible with keyboard operations, which is unique to PCs. 2P play is  possible with one keyboard. Even those who don’t have a controller can enjoy the  game using the keyboard. It can also be used with a keyboard and controller.
  • Compatible with all Xbox / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation controllers
    • Game operations are compatible with all currently mainstream Xbox / Nintendo Switch  / PlayStation controllers. Please enjoy this work with the controller you are familiar  with. 
  • You can play “IKARUGA MODE” from the beginning 

Its mode can be enjoyed from the beginning in the STEAM version. It’s can be enjoyed  using the rules of “IKARUGA”.  

  • Sound created by Hitoshi Sakimoto and previous game features are also included. The Sound by the internationally acclaimed Hitoshi Sakimoto. Also features five  difficulty levels for beginners to enjoy, online ranking, and a tension-filled story mode. 

Radiant Silvergun: Steam store:

About Live Wire 

Live Wire Inc. is a 28-member studio based in Tokyo and founded in 2018 by Makoto  Takada. It is dedicated to developing and delivering top-quality gaming experiences to  a global audience.  

Live Wire is taking on the original shooter genre and is releasing “9th Sentinel Sisters”  ( as early  access. We are currently working on the final version. Please try it now and provide  your play report.

Official website: