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Sep 13, 2022

Radiant Silvergun, the 1997 classic sh’mup is now available on Switch

From Press Release:

Live Wire Inc has ported and developed the vertical scrolling shooting game “Radiant Silvergun” for Nintendo Switch, and started distribution worldwide on September 14, 2022 Wednesday. Please enjoy this legendary strategic shooting game!

“Radiant Silvergun” now available on Nintendo Switch !The shooting game “Radiant Silvergun”, which has received high praise for its strategy and score system. Which uses 8 types of weapons to advance strategy, is now available on Nintendo Switch for the first time!

You can enjoy 5 levels of difficulty settings. Story mode newly added from the arcade version and an online ranking where you can compete with rivals around the world for scores.

There is also an Ikaruga mode where you can enjoy the game rules of the shooting game “Ikaruga” released as the second “ProjectRS”.

Enjoy the legendary shooting game, which has been revived 11 years after being ported to Xbox Live Arcade, on the latest game hardware. On September 13, 2022, “Radiant Silvergun” was introduced in Nintendo Direct.

▼ Radiant Silvergun Download Version | My Nintendo Store

▼Nintendo Switch Radiant Silvergun Official Website


Let’s compete with players all over the country in the online ranking!
This game implements an online score ranking function. You can compete with players
around the world for your high score.

You can play “Radiant Silvergun” at TokyoGameShow2022!
At the TokyoGameShow2022, which will be held in ‘real’ for the first time in three
years, you can actually enjoy “Radiant Silvergun” in your hands. Please come to the
exhibition booth and try playing this work that actually runs on the Nintendo Switch!

  • TokyoGameShow2022 Official Site
  • Schedule:
    • September 15th Thu to 16th Fri, 2022 / Business Day
    • September 17th Sat to 18th Sun, 2022 / Public Day
  • Holding time:
    • 10:00 – 18:00 until 17:00 on September 15th
  • Booth location:
      • Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall Happinet Booth: Hall 3-N03

What is Radiant Silvergun?

“Radiant Silvergun” is a vertical scrolling shooting game that first appeared in arcades in 1998.

A unique game system that strategically captures by making full use of 8 weapons. This continues to be highly evaluated by game players.

Many unique enemies await you on stages with various terrains.Make full use of the eight weapons that grow each time you defeat an enemy. Aim for a high score with the Chain Bonus (generated by defeating the same enemies repeatedly) and Secret Bonus (generated by defeating enemies in a specific order). The more you play, the more interesting the game becomes.

The beautiful 3D graphics, background music by internationally acclaimed composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, and a storyline with a strong message that challenges all game users to think about how games should be played, make for a fascinating world to explore and enjoy.

In story mode, veteran voice actors such as Kenyu Horiuchi let you hooked in the
characters and stories.


July 14, 2520 AD. A “stone-like object” excavated from the strata of B.C. enveloped the earth with the light it emitted, destroying the human race. Four crew members of the space cruiser “Tetra” and one robonoid were left behind and barely evacuated to
satellite orbit. ……

One year later.

The TETRA, which had been waiting for its chance from orbit, finally runs out of supplies and is forced to re-enter the atmosphere, and the battle for human survival

About Live Wire
Live Wire is a Tokyo-based studio comprised of 25 members. Founded in 2018, Live Wire aims to develop and publish the highest quality gaming experiences for international audiences. The company is best known for its work on ENDER LILIES:
Quietus of the Knights and HARVESTELLA. For more information, please visit the official website.