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Nov 07, 2023

Roboquest version 1.0 is now live on on Xbox and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store

From Press Release:

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Nov. 7th, 2023 – Developer RyseUp Studios and Publisher Starbreeze Entertainment announce today that Roboquest version 1.0 is now live and available on the Xbox and PC via the SteamEpic Games Store and GeForce Now digital storefronts, retailing at $24.99. Cross-platform is enabled across all of these platforms. During its 3 year run in Early Access it has managed to maintain a 94% positive rating and recently reached an overwhelmingly positive rating of 98% on Steam – just in time for release! Roboquest is releasing with a 20% discount on Steam, Epic Game Store, and Xbox, and there’s even a demo available on Steam so players can test out the game for themselves.

Roboquest is a lightning-fast FPS with roguelite mechanics, playable in single-player or two-player co-op, so players can team up with a brobot and take down enemies together. With an array of handcrafted weapons and unique upgrades, players will have to find powerful synergies to remain a relevant and powerful guardian throughout their runs. Unlock powerful technology to help player’s blaze through canyons, energy factories and sci-fi cities. Customize your character and playstyle as you get further into the run and upgrade your base to unlock permanent upgrades.

What’s in Roboquest 1.0?

  • Slick Controls & Polished Game Feel
  • Classes – 6 different classes with unique abilities and upgrades, slash up, dash in, rocketing, stealth in, drone up and more
  • Diverse Arsenal – over 70 unique weapons ranging from your regular rifles and snipers to crossbows, bolters, gauntlets and much more for players to use as they blast their way through hordes of killer robots!
  • Difficulty Levels – Levels of difficulty for everyone, even people not accustomed to FPS games. Ranging from “Discovery” to “Hard” and then way harder difficulty levels that you can unlock while playing the game
  • Specialize your Gameplay – In-run upgrades to further customize your playstyle and find unique and powerful combinations
  • Pesky Evilbots – over 70 enemies to dismantle and 10 big bad bosses guarding the way
  • Quests and Secrets – Diversify your run objectives by exploring the levels and finding friendly robots and hidden secrets to unlock new movement capabilities and other unique upgrades
  • Basecamp – Upgrade your basecamp and unlock permanent rewards to help you push further into the game each run
  • Levels – Over 15 different levels, each with a dedicated banger track and visuals, and some with unique twists to them
  • Comic-style Cinematics – Non gameplay-intrusive yet colorful and joyful cinematics to live your progression in the game and the story
  • Data-Logs – Scour the levels and find pieces of lore about the world of Roboquest
  • Achievements – Over 70 achievements
  • Collect Enemies & Weapon cards – Takedown enemies and collect cards for both enemies and weapons to complete the in-game Museum
  • Banger Soundtrack – Crafted with passion and dedication from the music composer Noisecream, a complete banger of a soundtrack will accompany you in your Roboquest

Roboquest after release;

The game will continue to be updated. RyseUp Studios and Starbreeze Entertainment have plans, but no concrete roadmap to share yet… stay tuned!

The first major update is tentatively planned for late January and will focus on major balance improvements depending on player feedback and data. The team will continue listening and supporting players just like in Early Access and will address some things asked for during EA that haven’t yet been added to the game yet, such as “Save during run” (that one is unlikely to make it into the January update though!).

For more information, please visit the Roboquest website or join the community on DiscordXInstagram, and Tiktok.