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Nov 08, 2023

The Binding Blade DLC brings the Fencer and Lost Knight to caravan roguelike Darkest Dungeon II in December

From Press Release:

We’re reaching out today to let you know that Darkest Dungeon II, the roguelike roadtrip of the damned from Red Hook Studios, will receive its first DLC “The Binding Blade” this December. Two new playable heroes – a fearless fencer and a lost knight – will be awaiting players at the crossroads and the sprawling wilds of the kingdom.

Key features of the DLC include two new playable heroes as well as a new roaming mini-boss.

The Duelist is a disciplined and deadly combatant capable of tactically switching between Defensive and Aggressive stances. This formidable presence in your hero lineup can ignore enemy defenses and strike back with Riposte.

The Crusader is a fan-favorite that has returned, fuelled by radiant Holy Fire. Capable of smiting foes where they stand, he’s an indispensable front rank hero. The Crusader’s abilities extend to withstanding punishing blows, supporting his team with healing and stress recovery, and striking down his opponents with his righteous blade.

Finally, the new roaming mini-boss The Warlord adds an all-new element of danger to your travels in Darkest Dungeon II as you journey to the Mountain.

Darkest Dungeon II is a rogue-like turn-based road trip of the damned. Form a party, equip your stagecoach, and set off across the decaying landscape on a last gasp quest to avert the apocalypse. The greatest dangers you face, however, may come from within…

Since launching into 1.0 in May of this year, Darkest Dungeon II has drawn gamers into a world filled with grim horrors and challenging decisions, achieving critical acclaim from media and over 10,000 reviews on Steam since its launch. With its immersive narrative, atmospheric graphics, and strategic gameplay, the game has redefined the standards of the roguelike RPG genre. Red Hook Studios invites players to confront their fears, and venture deeper into the abyss in this gripping sequel.

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