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Nov 15, 2023

Paradize Project becomes Welcome to ParadiZe, and introduces you to the world of zombie hacking

From Press Release:

Lesquin, 15 November 2023 – NACON and Eko Software have announced the final name for their new zombie game: Welcome to ParadiZe. A new gameplay trailer has been released to coincide with this announcement, which highlights one of the major mechanics in the game: zombie hacking. In this new genre of game, players progress solo or with up to four players in co-op in an offbeat and story-driven open world. Players must learn how to survive by mastering a range of game mechanics such as crafting, defending camps, combat, and zombie hacking to make them allies.

Is the apocalypse getting you down? Make it easier with helpful zombies, ready to handle the most thankless tasks for you. The billionaire genius, playboy and philanthropist Jeff Tusk invites you to ParadiZe where your survivalist troubles can be put to rest. Using Tusk Industries’ innovative Zombot® Hacking Helmet, you can take control of any zombie and live through the apocalypse in a little corner of paradise with your feet up!

All you need to do is move to ParadiZe, acquire a Tusk Industries Zombot® Hacking Helmet and place it on any zombie (Tusk Industries cannot be held responsible for any damage, bite or death caused in the process of placing a Zombot® Hacking Helmet on a zombie)! Take back control of your survival! No more boring crop harvesting to endure: command your new Zombots to do it for you! Say goodbye to fear: make your Zombots your bodyguards! Wave farewell to blistered feet: order your Zombot to carry you!

Does this sound tempting? This is just a tiny sample of the features offered by the Tusk Industries Zombot® Hacking Helmet! Don’t delay; come to ParadiZe. You will be more than welcome (advertising message with no contractual value and no guarantee provided by Tusk Industries)!

Have you ever dreamed of having a zombie at home? Imagine the possibilities with a zombie that defends you, builds your barricades and helps you fight its peers! Solo or with others, try to survive the apocalypse in the open world of ParadiZe. Combining survival, combat and crafting in a multiplayer open world, you must become the most skilled and smartest survivor to dominate enemy factions and avoid being eaten – especially by Miss Daisy, the first zombie elephant in zombie history. Welcome to ParadiZe releases on 29 February 2024 on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.