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Nov 16, 2023

Deep Rock Galactic’s November Maintenance Update is now live, and here are the new details

From Press Release:

November 2023 Maintenance Update Key Information

  • Optional Seasonal Content Toggle and Critical Corruption Updates

    • Dwarves who have completed all 100 levels of the Season 04 Performance Pass can now opt in and out of Critical Corruption content.

    • Switching off Season 04 removes Lithophage Corruption Zones from the map, and seriously reduces the likelihood of miners encountering any Lithophage Warnings and Events.

    • Plus, dwarves seem to have built some immunity to Rockpox, as it’s easier to both avoid infection build up and to break out of infection when stuck.

    • This toggle feature will be incorporated into future Seasonal updates.

  • Natural selection comes to Hoxxes IV

    • Several of the creatures dwelling in the mines have seen changes to physiology.

    • Those encountering Stingtails will find an increased cooldown on its signature grab attack, and increased vulnerability to electric and explosive damage.

    • These critters also have seen relative health scaling and breakpoints, to encourage daring solo-dwarf-takedowns.

    • Smaller changes have made the Septic Spreader’s acid globs now able to be shot down in midair, and both Dreadnoughts and Oppressors are vulnerable to electrocutions.

  • Introducing the Weapon Maintenance Reward system

    • Deep Rock Galactic is also introducing a brand-new Weapon Maintenance reward system.

    • Dwarves can earn experience using any gun to unlock a new paintjob for the weapon. This new reward system kicks off with four new paintjobs for each gun, one for each season of Deep Rock Galactic so far, and will continue to introduce new paintjobs to unlock as new seasons come to the game.

    • As with all seasonal content, these won’t be locked, and will still be accessible after a season finishes.

  • The November Maintenance Update will be going live on Steam from 16 November, with console players accessing this update from 30 November.

  • More details on the November 2023 Deep Rock Galactic maintenance update can be found in the Steam post here, and the update trailer here.