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Nov 17, 2023

Kingdom Rush Vengeance heads to Hammerhold in new campaign DLC this December

From Press Release:

Since its launch, Kingdom Rush Vengeance has attracted lots of  players who are thoroughly enjoying the game with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam.


Hammerhold stands as “the Kingdom’s last bastion”, and they’re in for a surprise.

The Dark Lord’s army strategy consists of striking the desert shores and catching the Legionnaire resistance off guard.

During the epic quest, players get to command the Dark Army’s mightiest towers and champions, including the new mummified warlock hero Isfet, and the always-hungry Sandworm Hollow tower.

Some of the Kingdom’s bravest heroes will return to defend Linirea’s last hope for resistance in challenging mini-boss and boss fights.


  • 5 new stages: with three different game modes: Campaign, Heroic, and Iron.
  • Players will get to disembark on the desert’s shores, battle in an oasis, and explore ancient pyramids.
  • New enemies: assassins, war elephants, djinnis, and even… magic carpets?
  • Challenging Boss fights: Linirea’s fiercest heroes are back to defend Hammerhold in challenging battles and boss fights.
  • New hero: Introducing Isfet, a formidable mummy warlock, wielding an arsenal of spells and curses.
  • New tower: The Sandworm Hollow – a pit full of sandworms with an insatiable appetite.
    New achievements & easter eggs: The desert may hold secrets, but it also has a sense of humor!

You can find more info about the game and the upcoming exclusive campaign and its features HERE.