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Nov 20, 2023

Offworld Industries acquires Squad offshoot Post Scriptum

From Press Release:

New Westminster, Canada – Nov 20th, 2023 —  Today, Offworld Industries is proud to announce the successful purchase of Post Scriptum, the WWII tactical FPS that began as a mod to their hit military shooter Squad and later became a standalone title developed by Periscope Games. Post Scriptum will be brought under the Offworld umbrella with the acquisition completed.

Offworld Industries will collaborate with Mercury Arts on the title and is working on a new update and 2024 roadmap with internal Offworld staff. Offworld will also be reaching out to the community server hosts who have continued to support the game and will directly support them in recognition of their ongoing efforts. The goal is to grow the player community and re-establish Post Scriptum as the premier WWII tactical FPS.


After its humble beginnings as a breakout, community-built mod for SquadPost Scriptum was officially released as its own standalone title in August 2018 by Periscope Games. With an emphasis on authentic immersion and collaborative, tactical gameplay, Post Scriptum quickly became celebrated for its impressive arsenal of period-appropriate weapons and vehicles, as well as detailed maps that effectively recreate the real-life battlefields of the Second World War.


Post Scriptum is a WW2-themed tactical first-person shooter game, focusing on historical accuracy, large-scale battles, a difficult learning curve, and an intense need for cohesion, communication and teamwork. Experience the intense campaigns that were Operation Market Garden, Plan Jaune (Fall Gelb), or Operation Overlord, which stretched across farms, woods, villages, and city areas of the Netherlands, Mountains, and rivers of Belgium, and the shores of France. Whether jumping out of a plane, arriving in a landing craft by sea, resupplying friendlies, or operating a tank, you will find multiple reasons to drop back into the battlefield in this grand-scale representation of a WW2 setting never explored in a large multiplayer environment.

Squad is a large-scale combined-arms multiplayer first-person shooter emphasizing combat realism through communication and team play, emphasizing strong squad cohesion mechanics as well as larger-scale coordination, tactics, and planning. It features 23 massive open maps, vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create a heart-thumping, visceral gaming experience with split-second decision-making in real-world scale firefights.