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Rise of the Triad updates to 1.2, adds Level Editor and QuickSaves

The Interceptor team takes requests and Rise of the Triad 1.2 is chock-full of fan favorites and most-requested features. Especially quicksaves. How could a “PC-focused” game in 2013 come out WITHOUT the ability to Quicksave?? 

All the words that follow are from Dave Oshry’s mouth…

First up is the Ludicrous Development Kit, enabling the creation of custom maps and mods (remember those?!) with over 16,000 assets including the complete set of assets from Rise of the Triad, the original version. Yeah, Interceptor INVENTED the remix, but this is your chance to party like it’s 1995. Check this video for details and click this link to get started.

Next up: Quicksaves! Save and load your game anywhere and anytime and shh, we won’t tell how many tries you needed to make that jump. It’ll be our little secret. Heh heh heh.

And then, KABLAMMO, No More Loggins, Kenny! Quit trying to remember your username and password because with Rise of the Triad 1.2, you only need to login to the servers if you want to sync your offline saves, post your high scores to the leaderboards, or chat with other players via the in-game chat rooms. Logging in is no longer required for multiplayer at all! Even a few mouseclicks and keystrokes can’t stop the fun. 

Mamma mia! There are also dozens of new fixes, tweaks, changes and optimizations you can read about in this awesome forum link.

Players wanting to check out all the madness of Rise of the Triad but not wanting to shell out ludicrous dinero will have a special chance to grab the award-winning remake for 50% off as part of Steam and GOG.com’s Halloween sales. This sale runs from Tuesday through Friday, so grab it in time to fill the weekend with blood, guts, and rockets to the groin. Baseball is over and your fantasy team sucks, what else ya gonna do this weekend? 


Rise of the Triad Review

Classic FPS games in the 90s contained certain elements that make them classics such as speed, cool weapons, open traversal, and secrets. Rise of the Triad (ROTT) was one of those games. Many have attempted to emulate old school FPS’, but have failed to do so on a fundamental level. Will the new ROTT cause a rise in your blood pressure out of frustration, or a rise in your pants from pleasure? …continue reading » Rise of the Triad Review


Duke Nukem 1 and 2 Arrive on GOG.com, Just $5.99 for PC and Mac

A lot of people associate the “Duke Nukem” brand with the breakout first-person shooter, but Apogee’s wisecracking anti-hero was originally a less well-rounded character… y’know… 2D. I spent a lot of time playing these games in my pre-teens in this sidescroller. It was a blast (literally) to play and is a great nostalgia bomb.

You should go get it at GOG.com.

The Features:


Rise of the Triad Pre-PAX Blowout: Time-Lapse Level Creation Video, New Screenshots and Developer Blog Launch

Rise of the Triad is shaping up to be full of enthusiasm and detail.

The developer blog just launched, and in the first entry, Interceptor’s CEO and Game Director Frederik Schreiber tells you all about the way we’re making levels that will not only be a lot of fun for today’s discerning gamer, but won’t piss off fans of the original ROTT. In other words, how the team is recreating and reimagining the original’s levels with fancy new graphics.

Watch Frederik create part of level E2L2, aka “The Room”, in this great time-lapse video:

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Rise of the Triad – Reveal Trailer from Quakecon and Soundtrack

Rise of the Triad made a huge splash at QuakeCon this weekend, with a surprise announcement and players blasting the crap out of each other all weekend in multiplayer mayhem.

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