Sports Bar VR Review

Nov 09, 2016

VR is at its best when it makes you forget you’re in it. There are many things a game can do to make you feel this way, but sometimes it’s the simplest things that make it the easiest. Sports Bar VR does a lot of “simple” things in such strong ways that it’s created the most immersive close-to-real-life PSVR experience yet. 

Pool Nation FX coming to Steam Early Access

Sep 22, 2015

Indie developer Cherry Pop Games today announced that it is bringing its pixel perfect billiards experience, Pool Nation FX, to Steam’s Early Access platform. Pool Nation FX delivers the ultimate pool hall experience, with trick shots, Leagues, online multiplayer competitions and much more. Global tournaments, spectator mode and a host of new features and improvements are coming to Pool Nation FX, expanding upon the original game – Pool Nation – in a staggering variety of ways.