F1 22 Review

Jun 27, 2022

Formula One was acquired by Liberty Media in 2017, who brought new eyes to the sport and made it much more appealing. I have the exact same thoughts towards F1 22 where the full influence of EA’s purchase of Codemasters can really be felt with this entry. It’s a lot flashier, full of energy, and has “trax” blaring in the menus that’s undeniably EA. For the second year in a row, Codemaster’s Formula One game has come out even earlier than the year before it. As a result, some areas it does feel rushed and a bit buggy, but they’re absolutely minor to the fact that the racing is top tier. Codemasters are again in top form, and F1 22 is an excellent racing game that’s an easy victory for fans of the sport, and aims to make you a fan if you aren’t already.

GRID Legends Review

Feb 24, 2022

Codemasters are just that, experts at making games that cover broad strokes and niche corners of the racing genre. For GRID, the long-running series has really stepped into its own with the introduction of a story mode, and improvements on every facet with Legends. Codemasters have clearly heard the complaints about 2019’s reboot, and have expanded the number of locations, vehicles, and even types of disciplines. This entry smooths all of the rough edges of its predecessor. GRID Legends is exhilarating, exciting, and an enthusiastic arcade-based racer that is the series’ best entry to-date.