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F1 2017 Review

Aug 21, 2017

Nico Rosberg had an amazing season last year, as did Codemasters. Last year’s F1 2016 was such a great step forward the series, bolstered by changes in Formula One and necessary changes to the stagnating series. Codemasters got the series out of the rut it had found itself in when they were balancing between two console generations. F1 2017 is a continuation of F1 2016‘s success, that feels like a victory lap for Codemasters and the series.

DiRT 4 Review

Jun 12, 2017

DiRT 4 has all the modes you expect to be present in a numbered DiRT game, but somewhere along the way, Codemasters didn’t give DiRT 4 a personality befitting for the series. Gone is the Instagram-filtered look and Mountain Dew spewing words from famous extreme sports celebrities of DiRT 2, and also gone are the slick and splashy menu transitions and career navigation of DiRT 3. Where DiRT 4 falls a bit short in presentation, it makes it up where it counts, in gameplay. DiRT 4 is without a doubt the best-feeling and playing game of the series.