Hard West, the Kickstarter success comes to PC this fall

Jul 30, 2015

Publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment and developer CreativeForge Games have performed ritualistic blood sacrifice and joined spiritual forces on the successful Kickstarter project, Hard West – a classic Western tale of supernatural chaos and revenge coming to the PC platform in Autumn 2015.

Ancient Space Review

Oct 01, 2014

Ancient Space appeared seemingly from almost nowhere, having only been announced a month prior to its release. But this space real-time strategy game manages to be well-made, yet do nothing remarkable at the same time.

Hard West is basically XCOM in the Old West, and they’re almost at their KickStarter goal

Aug 21, 2014

Hard West is a PC game that features the turn-based combat of XCOM with an overworld map reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic and a Weird West setting seldom explored in video games.

CreativeForge Games is a Polish company with members that have worked on titles like Call of Juarez, Dead Island, Hard Reset, Shadow Warrior.

Their first game, Ancient Space, is being published by Paradox Interactive (who you may have heard of!). It’s a space RTS and was just announced today.