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SDN Invest (the firm behind Interceptor Entertainment) Acquires 3D Realms

Mar 03, 2014

Danish investment firm, SDN Invest, has acquired Apogee Software, Ltd d/b/a 3D Realms (not to be confused with Apogee Software, LLC – publishers of Rise of the Triad) SDN Invest is part-owner and principal investor in Denmark-based game studio and Rise of the Triad developer, Interceptor Entertainment. Effective immediately, the new CEO of 3D Realms will be Mike Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen also serves as Chairman of the Board at Interceptor.

Duke Nukem 1 and 2 Arrive on, Just $5.99 for PC and Mac

Dec 06, 2012

A lot of people associate the “Duke Nukem” brand with the breakout first-person shooter, but Apogee’s wisecracking anti-hero was originally a less well-rounded character… y’know… 2D. I spent a lot of time playing these games in my pre-teens in this sidescroller. It was a blast (literally) to play and is a great nostalgia bomb.

You should go get it at

The Features:

  • Run-n-gun through 3 action-packed episodes in Duke Nukem, and 4 explosive episodes in Duke Nukem 2!
  • Witness the makings of a true gaming legend!
  • Over 30 levels of heavy-duty run-and-gun shoot-and-forget 2D platforming fun!