Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado Review

Mar 09, 2015

The fifth expansion to Europa Universalis IV comes El Dorado, an essential expansion. This is not a statement about how it should have been included in the original release, but rather, it adds so much to the game that you didn’t know you wanted. The new nations and nation designer become pleasant surprises that will demand so much of your time.

El Dorado expansion for Europa Universalis IV is Out Now

Feb 26, 2015


El Dorado Expansion comes to Europa Universalis IV on February 26th

Feb 18, 2015

Set sail for adventure, guarding treasure fleets and unlocking the secrets of the Amazon. Sacrifice vassal kings to angry gods to stave off Doomsday. Or, stand outside history, and create a new nation from scratch. More wonders of alternate history are coming very soon.

Europa Universalis IV Expansion explores the abundance of gold with El Dorado

Jan 20, 2015

Legends tell of a great city deep in the jungle. It is rich in all the pleasures of mankind, and is so full of gold that the residents count this metal as nothing. The daring explorer that finds this city will bring glory to his king – and infinite riches to his pocket. Now Paradox Development Studio brings the adventure and politics of the Spanish conquest to life with the El Dorado expansion for Europa Universalis IV.