Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

Nov 15, 2016

Like its sister expansions before it, Rise of Iron follows the same path of focusing on a side story in the Destiny universe, further expanding the narrative surrounding the base game.

Escape from Tarkov’s new screenshots for April show environments and lighting

Apr 15, 2016

Battlestate Games, the creators of the hardcore MMO FPS, Escape from Tarkov, have released a new series of screenshots today. The new images unveil a mix of raid locations, weapon modifications and the game’s dynamic lighting effects.

Suvarium comes to Steam Early Access on April 2nd

Mar 31, 2015

After several years on its own, Vostok Games is bringing Suvarium to Steam via Steam Early Access. This free-to-play MMOFPS is still in Beta. And they’re still looking for feedback while developing the game.

Suvarium goes Open Beta for Europe now

Jan 05, 2015

Vostok Games are pleased to announce another important stage in the development of the Survarium project. Starting from January 5, 2015 the game is available to all the European players as Open Beta has been officially unveiled now!

Bedlam aims to improve the FPS by having a strong female lead

Jun 05, 2014

UK developer RedBedlam has taken a step towards redressing the longstanding gender imbalance in the FPS genre by announcing that the lead role in its innovative, generation-hopping shooter Bedlam will be a new character created specifically for the game.

Rise of the Triad Review

Jul 31, 2013

Classic FPS games in the 90s contained certain elements that make them classics such as speed, cool weapons, open traversal, and secrets. Rise of the Triad (ROTT) was one of those games. Many have attempted to emulate old school FPS’, but have failed to do so on a fundamental level. Will the new ROTT cause a rise in your blood pressure out of frustration, or a rise in your pants from pleasure?