Frozen Synapse 2 Review

Sep 13, 2018

Mode 7 is back with Frozen Synapse 2, a sequel two years in the making, and seven years demanded by the community. The original game was a throwback to classic tactics games that stripped away all the noise. Frozen Synapse 2 looks simplistic, but it’s color-coded gameplay bathed in neon and wire-frame gives all the visual information you need to make tough decisions in and out of combat. Commanding squads of clones to keep the city from self-destructing is spinning plates while riding a unicycle that has a flat tire. Frozen Synapse 2 is a well-executed game that improves on everything over the original, and is always satisfying when a plan comes together – and even when it doesn’t.

Mode7Games goes back to the dystopian cyberpunk in Frozen Synapse 2

Feb 10, 2016

Frozen Synapse was one of my favorite tactical games when it released back in 2011, I even reviewed it. Today, Mode7Games has announced a sequel, Frozen Synapse 2.