Nov 17, 2016

Frozen Synapse 2 trailer reveals new units

Elite Mode 7 operatives have repeatedly jacked all the way up inside the NetDomes to download this highly classified new dematrixed videoform trailer for the forthcoming ultratactical personal computronic megagame Frozen Synapse 2.

But Oh There’s More!

We’ve got pistols and assault-rifles, knives. laser turrets and many more on show in the trailer.

One Turn

Also featuring in the trailer, you can see a sequence based on our new multiplayer mode “One Turn”, which is, astonishingly, a match comprised of a single turn.  The great thing about this is that once you have committed your turn, you can watch how it plays out against anyone else in the world who has taken the opposite side on that particular seed.  This is cool, trust us.

Delays Be With You

We have had to delay the game until 2017 to make it better.  Computer games.  Yes, I am burying the lede.  No, I won’t be surprised if you put this in a headline like “Frozen Synapse 2 unveils new units; delayed until 2017”.  Frankly, I’m just delighted that anyone cares about when one of our games is coming out.  I remember ten years ago when [is obliterated by laser fire]

I Hate This Silly Press Release and Just Want Actual Information Because I am an Adult

Frozen Synapse 2 is a simultaneous turn-based game; it’s the sequel to Mode 7’s multi-award-winning Frozen Synapse, which was originally released in 2011.

It will feature a vast procedurally generated city, where tactical encounters can occur within any building, or at any map location.  AI factions will vie for control over the map, issuing contracts, taking on missions and engaging in diplomacy in just the same way as the player.

Frozen Synapse 2 will also feature every multiplayer mode from the original game, with some new surprises.