Futuremark adds Stress Tests to 3DMark to test your PC’s stability under high stress

Jun 14, 2016

3DMark has long been the first choice for gamers who want to benchmark the performance of their PCs. But did you know that more than two-thirds of users also turn to 3DMark to check stability after overclocking? Or that more than half use it to test system cooling performance? Now Futuremark has made it easier than ever to check the stability of your PC by adding a dedicated stress testing feature to 3DMark.

3DMark Holiday Beta lets you test upcoming features for 3DMark and VRMark

Dec 21, 2015

3DMark have released 3DMark Holiday Beta onto Steam, to allow you to see and try some of the new features coming to the product in 2016.

Futuremark uses 3DMark to benchmark all Steam Machines shown at CES

Jan 16, 2014

Valve revealed 14 different Steam Machines at CES, from small streaming boxes like Gigabyte’s Brix Pro to Origin PC’s twin-Titan powerhouse. There are plenty of choices, but which one offers gamers the best combination of performance and value?