BIKERS coming to GTA Online soon, updates and new missions for CEO and Organizations as well

Sep 19, 2016

Beyond a range of opportunities to climb the ranks within a gang and build lucrative businesses as a formidable MC, Bikers also includes a selection of appropriately-themed new modes for bikers of all kinds, along with new weapons, styles, tattoos and features to make this a huge addition to the world of GTA Online.

GTA Online lands a new Adversary Mode, “Drop Zone”

Jan 28, 2016

Today Rockstar Games has announced Drop Zone, the latest addition to GTA Online on PC, PS4 and Xbox One is now available.  In this new Adversary Mode, teams of paratroopers jump from Cargobobs hovering high above, then race to the ground to seize and maintain control of a small, exposed patch of terra firma. No man is an island here – players will need to attack and defend as a unit.

GTA Online gets new adversary mode, “Every Bullet Counts”

Dec 08, 2015

Today, we are pleased to announce we have a brand-new addition to the GTA Online Adversary Modes for PS4, Xbox One and PC. ‘Every Bullet Counts’ is an intense Last Man Standing variant with a unique twist to keep players on their toes and constantly on their guard.

Running Back Adversary Mode comes to GTA Online today

Nov 24, 2015

Today, Rockstar has announced a brand-new addition to the permanent roster of GTA Online Adversary Modes for PS4, Xbox One and PC.