Hotline Miami Collection Review

Aug 29, 2019

When Hotline Miami‘s title screen first appears, it doesn’t simply fade in or precede itself with loud, energetic fanfare. It drenches you with bright neon and deep synth, slowly seeping into your brain until it feels utterly saturated by a vibrant but foreboding sea of color and sound. As the Cyrillic title text gently floats back and forth against a sun-soaked urban skyscape, you experience a sense of being adrift in kind with it, disoriented by a new locale full of promise and mystery. Whatever lies beyond the “New Game” option is going to be unlike anything you have experienced in another game.

Use The Walking Dead’s Ice Axe in Shadow Warrior, because why not?

Oct 26, 2013

Developers Flying Wild Hog and Telltale Games, along with the closet zombies of Devolver Digital, are excited to announce an unprecedented cross promotion between Shadow Warrior and The Walking Dead. Starting today, Wang fans can wield the zombie slaying ice axe from The Walking Dead in Flying Wild Hog’s reimagined Shadow Warrior as an alternative to the iconic katana.

Hotline Miami melee’s its way to Playstation 3 and PS Vita This Spring

Feb 19, 2013

Independent developer Dennaton Games and rogue game publisher Devolver Digital have announced that the award-winning Hotline Miami will arrive on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) and PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)  this coming spring. Crashing onto the scene last fall, Hotline Miami grabbed the attention of gamers all over the world with stylish sights and sounds, tough as nails gameplay, and a perplexing narrative that garnered Dennaton Games’ debut effort awards and nominations from nearly every video game media outlet. Hotline Miami has gone on to sell over 300,000 units on PC and solidified its place amongst the best releases of 2012.


Hotline Miami Soundtrack Now Available on Steam, with 50% Off Sale

Jan 24, 2013

Hotline Miami is one of our favorite games from 2012 and is Steam’s Weekend Deal, along with the addition of the Official Soundtrack.  The Weekend Deal goes from Thursday Afternoon to Monday Morning Pacific Time. Just go grab it now.

Track List:

  • Sun Araw – Horse Steppin
  • Sun Araw – Deep Cover
  • Coconuts – Silver Lights
  • M|O|O|N – Paris
  • M|O|O|N  – Crystals
  • M|O|O|N  – Hydrogen
  • M|O|O|N  – Release
  • Jasper Byrne – Hotline
  • Jasper Byrne – Miami
  • El Huervo feat. Shelby Cinca – Daisuke
  • El Huervo – Crush
  • El Huervo – Turf
  • Perturbator – Miami Disco
  • Perturbator – Electric Dreams
  • Perturbator – Vengance
  • Scattle – Knock Knock
  • Scattle – Inner Animal
  • Scattle – It’s Safe Now
  • Scattle – Flatline
  • Eliott Berlin – Musikk Per Automatikk
  • Eirik Suhrke – A New Morning

Buy the fantastic soundtrack here: for $9.99 | €9.99 | £6.99

Hotline Miami Review

Oct 24, 2012

The year 1989 was a weird time; Ronald Reagan ended his presidency, the Berlin Wall came down, the Exxon Valdez ran aground spilling massive amounts of oil into the ocean, and a rubber-masked vigilante in Miami went and killed people based on messages left on his answering machine. Crazy year, right?

Hotline Miami – Out Now, Watch the Launch Trailer

Oct 23, 2012

A splash of neon and blood hits PCs everywhere today with the release of the award winning, top down fuck-‘em up Hotline Miami by Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital. Available now through a variety of digital download retailers for $9.99, Hotline Miami combines breakneck action with stylized visuals and a driving soundtrack layered on an intense narrative that delivers one of the year’s most compelling indie games.

Development has been both exciting and challenging but we can’t be more thrilled to finally release Hotline Miami,” said developer Jonatan Söderström. “Dennis and I are incredibly proud of the game and are looking forward to people’s reactions to the story and questions posted to the player.”

Gamers will step into the neon-soaked underground of 1980s Miami as bizarre messages on your answering machine seem to be urging you to commit terrible acts of violence against a nameless group of armed thugs. Overflowing with raw brutality and skull crushing close combat, Hotline Miami demands sharp reactions and a creative approach to navigate a gauntlet of 20 multiscreen missions. Wield 35 different weapons, collect 25 game-altering masks, and unveil a dark, surreal storyline that will force you to question your role in this murderous spree.

Hotline Miami has machine guns, expensive drugs, monster trucks, tiger fur rugs, and an attractive you blonde hungover on your couch,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “It’s like they took my weekends and made a video game.” 


The hotline itself can be reached by texting +1 786 519 3708 or tweeting @HotlineMiami. Leave a message. Visit for more on the game and for more on the collaboration between Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin.

Creepy New Hotline Miami Live Action Trailer “Wear Something Fancy”, Game Launches on Oct 23rd!

Oct 12, 2012

After winning ‘Game of the Show’ awards at Rezzed, Eurogamer Expo, and Fantastic Arcade, Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital have announced that top down fuck-‘em-up Hotline Miami will be kicking down the doors on October 23rd. Final preparations and finishing touches are being made to this year’s darkest, most white-knuckle indie shooter which is now open for preorders on Steam, GOG, Get Games, and GamersGate.

“We don’t have time for a marketing quote, we’re trying to finish the f-ing game,” said developer Jonatan Söderström.


Hotline Miami Preview

Oct 12, 2012

Hotline Miami is a brutal, weird-ass game. It takes place in an alternate 1980’s Miami in which you have to kill guys based on the whim of voices on your answering machine. Seemingly straight forward, right?

Retro City Rampage Now Available on, Hotline Miami Pre-Orders Get You 10% Off

Oct 09, 2012

Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage has hit the DRM-free digital distributor for just $14.99. Buy it NOW:

Hotline Miami coming to Steam and playable at Gamescom

Aug 13, 2012

Today it was revealed that Hotline Miami is coming to Steam, Get Games, and other fine digital distribution platforms in 2012 – AND – plans for console versions are underway as well.


Hotline Miami – First Hands-On at QuakeCon

Jul 31, 2012

Devolver Digital has an interesting game that will have fans at QuakeCon get their first hands-on with the game, which I know almost nothing about.

Let’s see what some other guys that are not us have to say about the game, Rezzed Best of Show Winner 2012 from Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Eurogamer:

Hotline Miami overflows with raw brutality and skull crushing close combat as you find yourself outgunned and using your wits to choreograph your way through impossible situations. An unmistakable visual style, a driving soundtrack, and a surreal plot that will have you question your own thirst for blood. Bash and blast through over 20 multiscreen levels with 35 unique weapons and collect 25 game-altering masks in one of the darkest and most unusual independent games on the scene.