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Use The Walking Dead’s Ice Axe in Shadow Warrior, because why not?

Developers Flying Wild Hog and Telltale Games, along with the closet zombies of Devolver Digital, are excited to announce an unprecedented cross promotion between Shadow Warrior and The Walking Dead. Starting today, Wang fans can wield the zombie slaying ice axe from The Walking Dead in Flying Wild Hog’s reimagined Shadow Warrior as an alternative to the iconic katana.

“As a fan of The Walking Dead, I’m super excited about this fantastic cross promotion with our beloved Shadow Warrior,” said Fork Parker, Devolver Digital CFO. “As a fan of money, this certainly helps quite a bit as well.”

The crossovers don’t end there, here’s the full list of cross-promotion items:

  • Saints Row IV’s Penetrator
  • The Walking Dead’s Ice Axe
  • Hotline Miami’s Katana
  • Serious Sam 3’s Sledgehammer