Kerbal Space Program (PS4) Review

Aug 15, 2016

I’ve never really dabbled in Early Access games before, Kerbal Space Program was the exception. The thought of running my own space exploration center just seemed too good to pass up. I put in a few hours into the PC version and had some fun trying to make it to the Mun, unfortunately most of my attempts were unsuccessful. The dream died after a while and on the back burner it went until I heard that they were porting the game to consoles. Suddenly my interest had piqued, Kerbal on a platform I play 95% of the time? Too good to be true I said. I was right, the final release on PlayStation 4 suffers from performance issues and bugs that quickly put a damper on the game.

Kerbal Space Program (Alpha – 0.17) Preview

Sep 27, 2012

Kerbal Space Program, or KSP for short is a sandbox spaceship creation and simulator. It’s still currently in Alpha (currently version 0.17), but is currently being upgraded constantly with new content.

Kerbal Space Program – 0.17 Update Out Now

Sep 26, 2012

Owners of Kerbal Space Program are in for a treat as the newest update brings the game to 0.17 of Alpha and introduces many new features.

Kerbal Space Program is currently under development, but already offers a solid play experience as a sandbox.

New Features in 0.17:

  • A total of 14 view planets and moons throughout the Kerbal Solar Systme
  • Internal Cockpit Views in several cockpits: The first iteration of the IVAs (Intra-Vehicular Activities) feature set.
  • Multiple Player Saves: You can now have multiple ongoing game sessions, as each save is kept in its own folder
  • Quick Flight Scenarios: Start flights from pre-set conditions, without interfering with your persistent sandbox save, and also save your own scenarios from your main game.
  • Training Scenarios: Hands-On tutorials to teach you everything from craft to construction to orbital maneuvers
  • Prebuilt ships included with the game, as examples and possible starting points
  • Center of mass, thrust, lift, and drag visual cues on the construction scenes.
  • Physical Timewarp Modes: An alternate time-warp mode where you can accelerate time to 2x, 3x, 4x without putting the sim on rails
  • Several new pats
  • Much improved space visuals

This is a full version update. The 0.13.3 version is available for free as a downloadable demo, but only the full (paid) version will continue to be updated with new features.

You can order the full version of the game now for $18 USD. This amount will increase as development progresses, so by ordering early you can get the game at a very discounted price.