Dynasty Warriors 9 Review

Feb 13, 2018

How many franchises can you name that have lasted as long as Dynasty Warriors? If you go by the number of mainline games to be released, there aren’t many to list. So with over 21 years under its belt and 8 mainline sequels before it, Omega Force and Koei-Tecmo are adding one more to their own Dynasty, Dynasty Warriors 9. With number 9 comes some changes to the formula that may entice some new players to pick it up while not alienating fans of the series.

Nioh: Complete Edition Review

Nov 07, 2017

By now, Nioh has been a huge critical and commercial success on PlayStation 4. Broken down to its bare essentials, it is Ninja Gaiden crossed with Dark Souls, but it is so much more than that. Death befalls you often, but is a learning experience to improve against your opposition. Nioh‘s excellence is in its design that feels fresh among a room full of impostors. Nioh: Complete Edition is what it says it is, offering a deep and rewarding game that is very difficult and challenging.

Nioh: Complete Edition coming to PC/Steam this November

Oct 02, 2017

At long last, the game you could only find on PS4, will now have all DLC on Steam.


Sep 22, 2017

Get your Square, Square, Square, Triangle combos ready because Koei Tecmo has just released their latest Musou title upon the masses. Warriors All-Stars is a mashup of the company’s wide cast of characters into a single crossover game. Kasumi fighting against Zhao Yun? It’s here. How about the Samurai Cats version of Nobunyaga Oda battling it out with William Adams from Nioh? Warriors All-Stars has it. It’s a fun Warriors title, but not without some missteps.

Attack on Titan Review

Aug 26, 2016

Attack on Titan is a franchise I’ve heard a lot about. I only know the basic core idea of  humans, struggling to survive, fighting against giant creatures. These naked beings that roam the land, eating people, seem to have come from nowhere and only leave death in their path. Honestly it sounds messed up and it is.  Humans have found ways to fight them and erected walls to stop them, but the battles go on.  The game sets this up all rather well for new people to the series and veterans will know exactly what to expect story wise, but what about the gameplay?