Trash TV Review

Feb 25, 2015

According to publisher, Reverb Triple XP’s tweet, 23.9 million CRTs were thrown out in 2008. That’s a staggering number, and makes for developer Lawrence Russell, of Lawrie Games’ Trash TV a bit more intriguing to play, even if it doesn’t go deeper than the surface of playing as a thrown away television looking to escape from certain doom. It does however, make for one of the best puzzle platformers in recent memory.

Trash TV is out on Steam today

Feb 23, 2015


Trash TV is coming to Steam on February 23rd

Feb 09, 2015

From the mind of UK-based indie developer Lawrie Games Ltd., comes a story of redemption… dated technology… and platform puzzles solved with guns. Coming to Steam on February 23, Trash TV will delight gamers with the stylish combination of action, puzzle solving, and platforming gameplay.